Sun Si Ting 孫錫亭


Tombstone of 

Sun Sze Ting (Sun Si Ting, Sun See Ting)

founder of the Tai Thean Kew Circus. 





天竺 Thian Chok

雙庚 Sang Keng

三寶 Sang Pow

仕英 See Eng


史炳生 Peng Sang

楊少柏 Su Pai

明權 Ming Chuan

明利 Ming Lee

Tombstone of Mr. Sun Si Ting , Propeirter(sic) of Tai Thian Kew Circus. Nanking, China. Erected by his sorrowful sons, Thian Chok and Sang Keng | Daughters, Sang Pow and See Eng, Sons-in-law, Peng Sang and Su Pai and Grandsons, Ming Chuan and Ming Lee. Year died 10th day of the 4th moon 33 year of the Chinese Republic. (1945)

This essay, in a book of stories from old Singapore that were originally published in Lianhe Zaobao, tells the story of how Sun abandoned his business selling fabrics in China to travel around looking for his abducted son. When Sun got to Hong Kong, he met a group of acrobats and they travelled to Southeast Asia together. After seeing a western circus perform, Sun thought it was neat and decided to form his own circus. 

During the Japanese invasion, his equipment was destroyed and the animals either died or ran away. Before Sun passed away, he asked his descendants to revive the circus, which they did after the war. The article states that Sun died in 1942, which doesn’t match the date on the tombstone. 


南洋商报, 22 March 1937, Page 6

Contributed by Catherine Lai 

Goh Ong Cheng and Yeo Cheng Neo

Goh Ong Cheng and Yeo Cheng Neo 

Goh Ong Cheng 
Died 19th February 
Age 61 years
No C 292 

Yeo Cheng Neo 
Died 17th September 1926
Age 41 years
No C 291 

Goh Hock Seng 
Goh Hock Choon
Goh Siew Chik (Goh Siew Chit)
Goh Siew Han
Goh Siew Lee 


The Straits Times, 17 September 1926, Page 8

56 Tras Street 

Page 2 Advertisements Column 1

Syonan Shimbun, 8 February 1944, Page 2

Tan Beng Leong 

Second son of the late Tan Tee Lin married 

Goh Siew Chit 

81 Lorong Stangee 


The Straits Times, 6 April 1920, Page 8

Goh Ong Cheng mother died on 4th Apr 1920 

Seow Siew Keng and Chia Geok Har

Seow Siew Keng and Chia Geok Har

Seow Siew Keng is buried in 2 F, Tomb No 369. 

Date of interment in BB is 10 Aug 1928, at the age of 54 years. 

Chia Geok Har died during the war. 


Malaya Tribune, 11 February 1931, Page 8

Seow Pek Swee married Chan Beng Neo, daughter of Chan Tiang Seng 

Tan Jiak Kim family

Tan Jiak Kim 


Kabar Slalu, 5 March 1924, Page 8

玉和 - Ang Geok Hoe, 1861, died 7 Oct 1898, 37 years old (married to Tan Jiak Kim), tomb in CCK
(already passed away before Ang Kim Tee, hence not listed on Ang Kim 
Tee tomb)

玉軒 - Ang Geok Hean 1878, Died 11 Aug 1911, 33 years old , buried in England (married to Tan Jiak Kim)
玉蘭 - Ang Geok Lan,1879, Died 1 Oct 1925, 46 years old (married to Tan Jiak Kim) buried in CCK


Straits Budget, 30 March 1916, Page 15

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Mrs Goh Chwee Thuan nee Tan Suat Neo

Mrs Goh Chwee Thuan nee Tan Suat Neo 

Mrs Goh Chwee Thuan nee Tan Thuat Neo 
Who passed away on the 16th day of the 1st Moon. The 17th February 1927
at the age of 75 years 

Blk 2 B 73
Tan Suat Neo
Age 75

瑞珍 Goh Swee Chin 
瑞玲 Goh Swee Leng 
瑞艮 Goh Swee Leong 
智祥 Goh Tee Siang 
Goh Tee Hoe
Goh Tee Wan
Goh Tee Chuan
Goh Tee How
Goh Tee Eng 
Goh Tee Hwee 

Song Kim Swee and Wee Guan Neo

Song Kim Swee

In Loving Memory of
Madam Wee Song Neo 
Mrs Song Kim Swee 
Died 28th May 1927 
Age 56 


天助 Song Tian Choe 
德喜 Song Teck Hee 
子貞 Song Joo Cheng 
德泉 Song Teck Chuan 
錫蓮 Song Seck Lian 
錫福 Song Seck Hock 
錫安 Song Seck Ann 
錫玉 Song Seck Geok 

Page 2 Advertisements Column 2

Syonan Shimbun, 2 September 1943, Page 2

130 Emerald Hill Road 

Song Kim Swee

Died Sep 1, 1943, Age 73 

Sons in law 

Chan Siew Jin

Seet Chee Bee

Sng Cheng Hin

Wee Boon Chwee 

Tan Soo Chim 

Malaya Tribune, 6 September 1933, Page 12

English secretary of the Singapore Anti Opium Society 

141 Deaths

The Straits Times, 1 October 1981, Page 28

Mary Teresa Tan Teck Neo 

wife of Joseph Song Teck Hee 

was daughter of Tan Cheow Pin 

Chan Boon Seng

Chan Boon Seng 曾文生

Age 35 years 
Tahon Naga
Born : Bulan 9 Hari 14
Died : Bulan 6 Hari 25
3rd Aug 1926
No C 36 

Ong Ewe Hai

Ong Ewe Hai

Page 14 Advertisements Column 7

The Straits Times, 6 February 1967, Page 14

Ong Tiang Swee
Ong Tiang Soon
Ong Tiang Siew
Ong Soon Tee
Ong Tiang Lock 
Ong Chye Siew
Ong Peng Chew
Ong Geok Lian 
Ong Geok Eng 
Ong Beng Har 
Ong Geok Har 
Ong Mui Neo 
Ong Kwee Neo 
Ong Choo Neo 
Ong Lai Neo 
Ong Ann Neo 
Ong Lew Neo 
Ong Ghee Chiang 
Ong Leng Hoon
Ong Hood Hin 
Ong Hup Hin 
Ong Yan Lim 
Ong Yan Peng 
Ong Yan Gay 

Ong Tiang Soon

Ong Tiang Soon and Lim Boey Guat Neo 

In Loving Memory of
Lim Boey Guat 
Tan Siew Hwee 
Cheng Siok Yong 
Tan Chi Ting 
Ong Tiang Soon
Ng Bee Nee 
Ong Kwong Tin 
Ong Teck Keng 

Relocated from Family burial ground in Boon Teck Road to Choa Chu Kang cemetery . Already exhumed from Choa Chu Kang cemetery 

Births, Marriages and Deaths

Malaya Tribune, 1 March 1928, Page 8

Births, Marriages and Deaths

Malaya Tribune, 30 March 1928, Page 8


The Straits Times, 31 October 1934, Page 10


The Straits Times, 5 November 1934, Page 10


Malaya Tribune, 12 November 1934, Page 12


凌雲 Ong Leng Hoon 1877

紼印 Ong Hood Hin 1881 - 1957

宜昌 Ong Ghee Chiang 1885 - 1928

集熙 Ong Chip Hee 1890

妙森 Ong Beow Sim 1891

集賢 Ong Chip Yan 1894

集豐 Ong Chip Hong 

集裕 Ong Chip Joo 1899 - 1952 

集振 Ong Chip Chin

序慶 Ong Soo Keng 


Ong Yan Lin Neo Mrs Tan Teng Ann 

Ong Yan Peng Neo Mrs Tan Kwee Liang 

Ong Yan Gay Neo 1888 - 1967 Mrs Tay Teng Hup 

Ong Yan Ho Neo Mrs Soh Yew Jin 

Ong Chim Kay Neo Mrs Thung Siang Swee

Ong Yan Lip Neo 

Ong Chip Hee

Ong Chip Yan 


The Straits Times, 5 April 1909, Page 6

Mrs Ong Hood Hin was the eldest daughter of Tan Jiak Kim, Tan Suat Neo

Second wife of Ong Hood Hin was Chia Hye Neo 


The Straits Times, 23 July 1957, Page 6

313 Upper East Coast Road later renamed as 320 Upper East Coast Road 

Also known as Sarawak Villa 


Ong Cheng Bee 

Age 76 ie born circa 1881

Twenty Century Impressions of British Malaya 

Ong Tiang Soon and his sons 

Tay Teng Hup and Ong Yan Gay Neo

Tay Teng Hup and Ong Yan Gay Neo

Tay Teng Hup
Died 15rh June .1935
Age 51 tears old 
Plot no 269 and 
Ong Yan Gay Neo
Died on 17-3-67
Age 79 years old 
Plat no 259


Malaya Tribune, 17 June 1935, Page 10


福慶 Tay Hock Keng (Wife - Wee (Oei) Geok Choo)


碧娘 Tay Peck Neo 

Tay Teng Hup would be born around 1884