Goh Ong Cheng and Yeo Cheng Neo

Goh Ong Cheng and Yeo Cheng Neo 

Goh Ong Cheng 
Died 19th February 
Age 61 years
No C 292 

Yeo Cheng Neo 
Died 17th September 1926
Age 41 years
No C 291 

Goh Hock Seng 
Goh Hock Choon
Goh Siew Chik (Goh Siew Chit)
Goh Siew Han
Goh Siew Lee 


The Straits Times, 17 September 1926, Page 8

56 Tras Street 

Page 2 Advertisements Column 1

Syonan Shimbun, 8 February 1944, Page 2

Tan Beng Leong 

Second son of the late Tan Tee Lin married 

Goh Siew Chit 

81 Lorong Stangee 


The Straits Times, 6 April 1920, Page 8

Goh Ong Cheng mother died on 4th Apr 1920