Lee Hoon Leong 李雲龍

Lee Hoon Leong 李雲龍

Portrait (taken from One Hundred Years' of the Chinese in Singapore by Song Ong Siang

Tomb in Bukit Brown


In loving memory of
Mr Lee Hoon Leong
Aged 71 years
Died on 22.3.02
11th of 7th Moon

Lee Chin Yam born 1901 (John Lee)
Lee Chin Koon born 1903
Lee Chin Tong 

Lee Choo Neo (Mrs Teo Koon Lim) born 1895
Lee Siok Neo 
Lee Leng Neo (Mrs Teo Kim Kheng) married in 1928
Lee Wee Neo (Mrs Tan Teng Ban) born 1909
Lee Kim Neo (Mrs Chua Keng Hoe)

Syonan Shimbun, 25 August 1942, Page 3
Domestic Occurence

LEE HOON LEONG (aged 71 years) passed away peacefully at his residence 74-3, Brash Basah Road, on Saturday, August 22, 2602, at 6.45 pm Tokyo Time, after a short illness. He left behind his wife (Ko Lin Neo). 3 sons, Lee Chin Yam, Lee Chin Koon and Lee Chin Tong. 5 daughters Dr Lee Choo Neo (Mrs Teo Koon Lim), Madam Lee Siok Neo, Mrs Teo Kim Kheng, Mrs Tan Teng Ban, Mrs Chua Keng Hoe and 28 grandchildren to mourn his loss. Funeral  took place on Monday 24-8-2602) at 5 pm  Tokyo Time at Bukit Brown Cemetery. Regret bereavement announcement could not be insert earlier. Uncountry papers please copy

Son :
Lee Chin Yam
Lee Choo Neo
Lee Leng Neo

Burial Entry
Blk 1 B 270
68 years old
(ie born circa 1871)

The Straits Times, 1 May 1939, Funeral of Mrs Lee Hoon Leong

The funeral of Mrs Lee Hoon Leong (nee Mark Hup Sin)
mother of Dr Lee Choo Neo, Mr Lee Chin Yam and Mrs Teo Kim Kheng
took place at the Bukit Brown Cemetery
Messrs Mark Choy Sung, Mark Choy Seng and Mark Choy Saing, Miss Mark Mei Yuen
Mr and Mrs Goh Peng Lim
Madame Goh Keow Gek
Messrs Eastern Auto and Co
The staff of Borneo Motors Ltd
Chinese Ladies Association
AIk Ieu Association
Chop Wing San
Sun Kee Flower Shop
Mr and Mrs Seow Poh Leng
Mr and Mrs Y E Tan
Mr and Mrs Chia Yee Soh
Mr and Mrs Tan Teck Yew
Mr and Mrs Tan Tye Keng
Mr and Mrs Chan Swee hong
Messrs Ang Beng Lay


The Straits Times, 9 May 1959, Page 8

LEE CHIN KOON, Chin Tong and family wish to tender their sincere thanks to all friends, relatives, Buddhist Union etc who sent wreaths, etc and attended the funeral of their late mother.
Mrs Lee Hoon Leong, age 78 ie born circa 1882

NB:  This is the funeral of Ko Lin Neo, the 2nd wife of Lee Hoon Leong (born circa 1872)

Extracted from The Singapore Story: Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew 

My grandfather, Lee Hoon Leong - whom I addressed as Kung or "grandfather" in Chinese - was born in Singapore in 1871 , and according to my father was educated at Raffles Institution up to standard V, which would be today's lower secondary school. He himself told me he worked as a dispenser (an unqualified pharmacist) when he left school, but after a few years became a purser on board a steamer plying between Singapore and the Dutch East lndies. The ship was part of a fleet belonging to the Heap Eng Moh Shipping Line, which was owned by the Chinese millionaire sugar king of Java, Oei Tiong Ham. ln between his travels he married my grandmother, Ko Liem Nio, in Semarang, a city in central Java. There is a document in Dutch, dated 25 March 1899, issued by the Orphan's Court in Semarang, giving consent to Ko Liem Nio, age 16, to marry Lee Hoon Leong, age 26. An endorsement on this document states that the marriage was solemnised on 26 March 1899. My father was born in Semarang in 1903, in the Dutch East Indies. But he was a British subject by descent, because his father - Kung - was from Singapore. Kung brought his wife and baby son back to the island for good soon after the child's birth. His fortunes rose as he gained the confidence of Oei Tiong Ham, who appointed him his attorney to manage his affairs in Singapore. Kung told me how he was so trusted that in 1926, on his own authority, he donated $150,000, then a princely sum, from Oei's funds towards the foundation of Raffles College.

Pics and write up of Heap Eng Moh taken from Twenty Century impressions of British Malaya

Heap Eng Moh & Co.

The firm trading under this name is one of the oldest and most important of Chinese steamship 
agencies in the colony. Established more than thirty years ago, it has played an important part in the development of the local coastal trade, and, of late years, in the trade with Java and Chinese
ports. The managing partner is Mr. Chew Joon Hiang. The fleet which the company represent consists of the Zweena and Evendale (owned by Mr. Chew Joon Hiang) and the Giang Ann, Giang Seng, Merapi, and Simongan (owned by the Samarang Steamship Navigation Company). 

These vessels maintain a regular fortnightly service between Singapore and Batavia, Cheribon, and Samarang, and a monthly service between Singapore, Swatow, and Amoy. They have good accommodation for all classes of passengers. The Merapi, which is on the China run, is a very up-to-date boat, and can carry 48 first class, 24 second class, and 1,200 deck passengers.

The principal partner of the Samarang Steamship Navigation Company is Mayor Oei Teong Ham, a native and resident of Java, and a Dutch subject, who owns several sugar plantations in Java and is one of the best known merchants in the Dutch colony. He has, also, a saw-mill at Kallang Road, Singapore, and other interests in the Straits Settlements. At the Singapore office Mr. Lee Hoon Leong is the right-hand man in the shipping business. He is a native of Singapore and speaks English perfectly, having finished his education at Raffles School.

Page 11 Advertisements Column 4

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser, 26 April 1920, Page 11

Children From Mark Hup Sin 

Sons :
Lee Chin Yam

According to the Straits Times, 31 July 1946, Page 4
Lee Chin Yam died in Penang on 30th July 1944
His wife was Chia Guat Beng and they have an adopted daughter Gracie Lee
adopted from Ong Ghee Chiang, the son of  Ong Tiang Soon.
Chia Guat Beng was the daughter of Chia Biow Chuan and Ong Quee Neo (also known as Ong Yan Quee Neo, daughter of Ong Ewe Hai).  Sister was Chia Guat Goh, wife of Chia Yee Soh
Chia Guat Beng later remarried in 1964 and died in 1973


The Straits Times, 27 May 1964, Page 1

When Ong Thye Ghee (65) married Chia Guat Beng (62), Lee Chin Koon attended the wedding 

Lee Chin Koon

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser, 1 December 1920, Page 6

Java Chinese Students.
The Straits Times, 27 November 1923, Page 10

LEE Chin Koon in 1920 was a committee member of the Java Chinese Students’ Association 

The Straits Times 1922 May 16

Engagement is announced of Mr Lee Chin Koon, son of Mr and Mrs Lee Hoon Leong to Miss Chua Jim Neo, daughter of Mr and Mrs Chua Kim Teng. The marriage will take place on Saturday, May 20, 1922

Lee Leng Neo

3 广告 专栏 1
南洋商报, 15 May 1928, Page 3

Wedding of  LEE Leng Neo 李玲娘 to TEO Kim Kheng 張金慶