Song Kim Swee and Wee Guan Neo

Song Kim Swee

In Loving Memory of
Madam Wee Song Neo 
Mrs Song Kim Swee 
Died 28th May 1927 
Age 56 


天助 Song Tian Choe 
德喜 Song Teck Hee 
子貞 Song Joo Cheng 
德泉 Song Teck Chuan 
錫蓮 Song Seck Lian 
錫福 Song Seck Hock 
錫安 Song Seck Ann 
錫玉 Song Seck Geok 

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Syonan Shimbun, 2 September 1943, Page 2

130 Emerald Hill Road 

Song Kim Swee

Died Sep 1, 1943, Age 73 

Sons in law 

Chan Siew Jin

Seet Chee Bee

Sng Cheng Hin

Wee Boon Chwee 

Tan Soo Chim 

Malaya Tribune, 6 September 1933, Page 12

English secretary of the Singapore Anti Opium Society 

141 Deaths

The Straits Times, 1 October 1981, Page 28

Mary Teresa Tan Teck Neo 

wife of Joseph Song Teck Hee 

was daughter of Tan Cheow Pin