Tomb Embellishments

The Four Loves

1.An Ode to the Plum Blossom by He Jing 

2 Love of Tang Emperor for Peony 

The Legend of the White Snake (白蛇传)

A scene from the Legend of the White Snake (白蛇传), it shows the White Snake (the lady on the boat with 2 swords) trying to rescue her husband Xu Xian (许仙) who is held in Jinshan Temple (金山寺) by the monk Fai Ha (法海), with the help of creatures from the sea. 

Nezha with his Qiankun ring in one hand, and his spear in the other and riding on his fire wind wheels chasing the Dragon King who is riding on a dragon 


Tranfer-printed Tile Of a Lion looking at a flying insect, probably parody of Cat and Butterfly , 蝶 in Chinese 蝶, has the same sound as 耄耋, meaning longevity

Manufacturer: Villeroy and Boch, Germany (1915 - 1930) , with Dekft / Dutch Influence
(Reference : Peranakan Tiles Singapore, Pg 56)

Peacock motif 

Set of majolica tiles with peacock relief drawing 
Early Showa period (Showa period 1926-1989)

These tiles were made by a Japanese manufacturer, referencing the design of British tiles. The frame around the edges is also made of ceramic, and it seems to have been created to be embedded into a wall.

The auspicious mythical Qilin