Khoo Chong Boon


Khoo Chong Boon and Seet Ee Neo

光緒𡻕次甲辰年季夏吉旦 1904

光緒𡻕次甲辰年季夏吉旦 1904
瑞霞 Khoo Swee Har (Khoo Swee Hay)
金榜 Khoo Kim Pong 
奇蓮 Khoo Kee Lian 

Khoo Swee Hay Neo


邱金榜 Khoo Kim Pong
女 Daughter
邱奇蓮 Khoo Kee Lian
蔡淑金 Chua Siok Kim
邱木蘭 Khoo Bock Lan
男孫 Grandsons
邱松齡 Khoo Siong Leng 
邱珠水 Khoo Choo Swee
女孫 Granddaughters
經娘 Khoo Keng Neo
陰娘 Khoo Im Neo
陽娘 Khoo Yang Neo
金枝 Peggy Khoo Kim Kee

祖邱普橋  Grandfather Khoo Por Giao

適謝滄蔡  Married to Chua 

父邱崇文 Father Khoo Chong Boon

母薛氏億娘  Mother - Seet Ek Neo

生咸豐辛酉年 Born in 1861

卒民國甲申二月初九 Died 1944 March 3


男女嗣父家  Children carried Father surname

Burial Entry
Khoo Swee Hay Neo
Blk 3 C P194
85 years old
Died 3 March 1944
Buried 4 March 1944


The Straits Budget, 20 February 1947, Page 4

Khoo Kim Kee youngest daughter of the late Khoo Kim Pong was married to Tan Choo Lee,

second son of the late Tan Teck Heng 

S'pore Double Wedding Guests Didn't Know Of Tragedy

Malaya Tribune, 2 December 1947, Page 5

Tragedy as 3 year old Helen Angm daughter of Ang Peng Kiat and Khoo Yang Neo, died when her aunt and uncle were getting married

Page 6 Advertisements Column 1

The Straits Times, 19 May 1953, Page 6

Khoo Kim Pong, youngesst son Khoo Choo Swee, married Ang Guek Cheng, third daughter of Ang Kee Guan

The Straits Times, 18 November 1994, Page 33

Khoo Yang Neo was married to Ang Peng Kiat 

Ang Peng Kiat passed away on 16 Nov 1994 at the age of 77

Ang Seng Chye
Ang Seng Hock
Ang Seng Choon
Daugher in law
Margaret Heng
Agnes Ang
Son in law
Robert Simon
Carol and Cheryl Simon
Brian and Nigel Ang


Khoo Chong Boon and Seet Ek Neo tomb was found discarded at a site in Hokkien Huay Kuan cemetery.

Fortunately his daughter tomb is able to piece together the family genealogy and gave a glimpse of an early pioneering family

Although Khoo Swee Hay Neo was married to Chua Kheng Hee, all of her childen except one carried her father Khoo surname

Is this her father ?

Page 3 Advertisements Column 1

Bintang Timor, 8 October 1894, Page 3

The Straits Times, 29 February 1912, Page 8


The Straits Times, 9 May 1912, Page 8

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