Hong Choon Chew and Ng Lye Huat


Hong Chew other names 
Png Choon Chew
Hong Choon Chew
Spouse : Ng Lye Huat

Hong Eng Sye (Png Eng Sye) Eng Sai
Hong Eng Hwee (Png Eng Hwee) Eng Hui
Hong Eng Seng (Png Eng Seng)
Hong Eng Soon (Png Eng Soon)

|Hong Kah Hoon (Png Kah Hoon)
Hong Kah Tin (Png Kah Tin)


This is a prominent tomb in Blk 1 Division B, just next to the meeting platform.

There is a tomb photo showing an elderly gentleman Hong Chew from Tong Ann Fujian,  who passed away at the age of 60 years. He has 4 sons and 2 daughters and a much younger wife (less than 40 years around the time of his death.  It was fortunate that there was a write up of his wife Ng Lye Huat from the The Southern Seas Chinese published in Sep 1941, and most likely the interview with their family was conducted by the editor shortly before his death on 31st Dec 1939.  As her children were still young when her husband passed away, it was most likely that she remarried one year later.


Malaya Tribune, 3 January 1940, Page 

Hong Chew passed away peacefully at his residence No 25 Cairhiill Road,  Singapore, aged 60 years leaving behind him a widow Madam Wee Lye Huat (Ng Lye Huat) 3 sons, Hong Eng Hwee, Hong Eng Seng, and 1 daughter Hong Eng Hoon and 1 adopted son Hong Eng Sye (Sai). The funeral will take place on Sunday, the 7th instant at 11 am

南洋商报 (Nanyang Siang Pau), 

12 January 1940, Page 17

Notice of funeral published on Nanyang Siang Pau on 12 Jan 1940 thanking the friends and family  of her late husband Hong Chew,

Chop Ann Huat
Ng Lye Huat

35 Pekin Street

Page 12 Advertisements Column 3

Malaya Tribune, 4 April 1940, Page 12


When Hong Chew passed away on 31 Dec 1939, Ng Lye Huat became the execturix of his estate

Musical Successes

Malaya Tribune, 15 July 1938, Page 20

Their children are all musically talented especially for Piano 
Hong Eng Seng

Png Kha Hoon 


南洋商报 (Nanyang Siang Pau), 20 June 1940, Page 8

Hong Eng Hwee
Hong Kha Hoon 

Hong Eng Seng

Page 2 Advertisements Column 4

The Straits Times, 22 June 1940, Page 2

Png Kha Hoon

Png Eng Hwee
Png Eng Seng (Hong Eng Seng)

Page 10 Advertisements Column 5

Malaya Tribune, 27 September 1940, Page 10

Shortly after the death of her husbad, Ng Lye Huat issued a notice in Malaya Tribune that she will not be responsible for any debts for her adopted son of 15 years which she has cared for since his infancy

Page 10 Advertisements Column 5

Malaya Tribune, 11 November 1940, Page 10


In 1 Nov 1940 she revoked the power of Attorney granted by her to one Mr Lim Lian Seah issued on 24th Oct 1939 for her business Chop Ann Huat

Page 2 Advertisements Column 1

The Straits Times, 21 January 1941, Page 2

On 21 Jan 1941, she was married to one Tenh Chong Poh (Tay Chong Poh) which take place at the Chinese Consulate KL on Jan 21 1941 


南洋商报 (Nanyang Siang Pau), 14 June 1941, Page 27

Png Eng Hwee, Png Kha Hoon, Png Eng Soon and Png Eng Seng all received good results in the Trinity College Examinations.

Page 2 Advertisements Column 3

The Straits Times, 27 February 1950, Page 2

On 6 March 1950, there was a auction of the properties of Hong Chew.  He owned quite a no of houses and land especially along Rochore Canal Road

Page 8 Advertisements Column 1

The Straits Times, 1 October 1960, Page 8

On 1 Oct 1960, around 20 years after her marriage to Tay Chong Poh, her youngest daugher Grace Tay was married to T M Yap eldest son of Yap Chye Koon

Hong Chew is buried in Bukit Brown Cemetery 

Blk 1 B 341A






Madam Ng Lye Huat, whose given name is Geok Kim, daughter of Ng Boon Piow who was a silk merchant with the shop named "Hiap Aik", and her mother was a lady of the Lim family, permanent residents of Xiamen in Fujian province, is married to Mr. Hong Chew

She has four sons and two daughters: the eldest son, Hong Eng Sye; followed by Eng Hwee, Eng Seng, and Eng Soon; the daughters are Kah Hoon and Kah Tin. This lady is well-educated and manages the family business, Chop Ann Huat , a renowned major produce broker in Selat (So called 10% Commission broker). The business deals with a variety of goods nearing a hundred types and witnesses huge transactions. The lady alone manages it with such efficiency that it enjoys considerable surplus – a rare feat indeed. Madam has profound insights into the affairs of the state and society and has written penetrating commentaries, all of which are to the point. She once said to the editor that the country and the home are one and the same, whereas money is another matter – for if the country falls, all homes will be ruined; if the country is lost, all families will be destroyed, what use then is money? Therefore, she always encourages the women in her community with this philosophy. Her views are such that even those of any intellectual class cannot match.

This lady is all about action in addition to words; hence, when it comes to national calamities, she donates generously to education and all charitable causes beyond what she might afford. It is especially worth noting that during this Japanese invasion, as refugees flocked to Singapore for safety and the local community organized fundraising efforts, Madam purchased national bonds, participated in the selling of flowers, responded to all regular and special donations in large amounts. Her expenditure on aiding the poor, relieving suffering, and responding to emergencies is so extensive and frequent that it is indeed rare to find someone like her among the women's circles.

Madam's temperament is gentle, she treats and interacts with people sincerely without deceit. She has helped many women in her community to the extent that some hail her as a living Bodhisattva. She is particularly skilled at mediating domestic affairs among women. Her integrity and stern words command respect. Her intelligence is such that despite Mr. Hong Chew being of a senior age, sincere, and honest, he finds business and family affairs tiresome. He entrusts everything to her, leading a leisurely life at the age of 60 – this is all due to Madam's support. 

Although Madam has not yet reached the age of forty, she has numerous well-devised plans for the welfare of the nation and its people, and she is carrying them out one by one as she has wished. The editor will warmly continue to document her story.

Reference :
The Southern Seas Chinese, Published by Publishing Room 
226A, West Jelutong Road, Penang
Publised in 1941 Sep