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Wong Chin Yoke and family 
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9 Jan 1938
Mata Glap- 17 Years in the Special Branch of the Straits Settlements Police have given Inspector Wong Chin Yok, who also received a King Police Medal, a deep insight into the activities of Malayan Reds.

A specialist in the Communist sub branch of the Special Branch, Inspector Wong played a big part in the clean up of the Communists in 1929 and in 1933. From a grade 5 detective in 1921, he  reached the rank of inspector some 7 years later.

PS: The Kings Police Medal is the highest honour a policeman can gain.

In Jan 12 1924, Wong accidently shot his wife while examining his revolver. His wife died. They were on the most amicable terms

In Apr 19, 1930, Wong married again, this time with Kung Yu Cheng.

In 1942, Wong Chin Yoke died on active duty, leaving behind Kung and 3 children

A road near the old Police Academy was named after him.

In a court case whereby the court awarded his wife back the house whom was rented out, but the tenant refused to move out,
the Judge noted:  The fortitude with which you have struggled along during and since the Japanese occupation to bring up and educate your chidren in conditions of appalling confinement and hardship is worthy of the highest praise
ST: 19 Jun 1965 Pg 4 - Tenant Ordered to return house to the owners.  Wong had died during active service during the Japanese occupation.  

War hero's ashes flown back to Singapore

The Straits Times, 20 September 1954, Page 4