Lim Yee Tee Family

Buried in Bukit Brown are 3 unique looking tombs.  There was some postulation that the tomb design looks Japanese. It has been a mystery about the design of these tombs and who erected these tombs.

Lim Yee Tee was born sometime around 1912.  Both his parents, father Lim Kee Goon and mother Lee Ah Moey died in May 1931, within days of each other. They were both buried in Bukit Brown.   He would only be just 19 then.  He had a sister named Lim Wee Chin who would be born around 1923, and only 8 years old.  

Lim Yee Tee started work as a clerk,  but later became manager of Chye Hin Rubber Milling.  Together with his sister, they stayed at a 3 storey house in Beach Road where his workplace was.

He married Ong Kiat Tee and has a son Lim Chee Chong and a daughter Lim Suat Cheng. Unfortunately his wife passed away shortly after WW2 at the young age of 29 on 30th Dec 1945 and was buried in Bukit Brown.   He later remarried and have two other sons by his second wife.

Lim Yee Tee sister Lim Wee Chin grew up be a teacher at Chong Cheng School where her brother serve in the school committee. She was a beauty who would have many men chasing after her.  In Nov 11, 1946 his sister was engaged to her neighbour, a certain Mr Lee who sister was her friend and they fell in love.   The two were later married in January the following year and moved to her husband home to stay in one of the Riau island.

Unfortunately the marriage did not turn out well and she returned back to her brother home in Beach Road a few months later.  On Oct 1, 1947, just 10 months into the marriage, she jumped from her 3rd storey house and died.  Her early death by suicide was big news then as many people lamented about her death due to a failed marriage and there was even a lament poem published in the papers after her death. 

Lim Yee Tee later became General Manager for Singapore Sawmillers Association.  In 1956, he was also appointed to the Labour Advisory Board as Employers' representative, making recommendations to the then Minister for Labour, Lim Yew Hock 

In 1963, he joined Thio Keng Poon, (a businessman who was once in the rubber industry like him) and became one of the first directors of Malaysia Dairy Industries Pte Ltd which formed a joint venture with Australia Dairy Produce Board then to produce milk products 

Malaysia Dairy Industries later became famous for well known brands such as Vitagen and Marigold range of beverages

Lim Yee Tee passed away on 24 Dec 1988 and was survived by his wife, 3 sons and a daughter.

Lim Yee Tee Family 

Lim Yee Tee father Lim Kee Goon

民國廿年五月廿六日卒  Died May 26, 1931
先考藏魄之處  Place where my father soul is reposed
林依智立 Ereced by Lim Yee Tee
Tomb 885  

Burial entry 
Lim Kee Goon Age 58 years 
Interred on 27-5-1931
Blk 3B 885
Born circa 1873

Remarks:  This tomb was affected by the Lornie Highway development and has been exhumed

Lim Yee Tee mother Lee Ah Moey 

Burial entry
Lee Ah Moey
4 May 1931 interment 
Age 50
Born circa 1881

Mrs Lim Yee Tee 

志崇 Lim Chee Chong 
雪貞 Lim Suat Cheng 

Burial entry
Ong Kiat Tee
Blk 4A P672
29 years old
Date of death 30.12.1945 
Born circa 1916

Remarks : This tomb has recently been exhumed

Lim Yee Tee was born around 1912.   

Lim Yee Tee was once manager of Chye Hin Rubber Milling, and later on became General Manager of Singapore Sawmillers Association.

林依智再興火鋸公司司里, 后為鋸木廠公商公會总務

He was also a long time committe member of Chong Cheng School.

In 1956, he was appointed to the Labour Advisory Board as Employers' representative.

8 广告 专栏 1

南洋商报, 11 November 1946, Page 8

林依智三妹為林瑋瑾 (林美英)
那時, 父母已逝. 妹妹廿四歲應出生1923年

小坡米芝律碗店口發生一慘劇 年輕貌美 結婚未久 少婦躍樓自殺 墜地後頭破手折立告殞命死狀殊慘 死者林美英生前曾任崇正学校教師 (corrected to Chong Cheng School by later article)

南洋商报, 3 October 1947, Page 5


南洋商报, 9 October 1947, Page 6


The Straits Times, 9 October 1947, Page 5


南洋商报, 22 November 1947, Page 8

马来西亚乳酪公司张庆本披露 计划在星建厂制造维他精乳酸菌饮品

星洲日报, 7 November 1979, Page 15

Malaysia Dairy Industries Pte Ltd Chairman Thio Keng Poon (middle) at the 15th year anniversary celebrations.
From left:  Lee Sze Ping, Mrs Thio Keng Poon, Thio Keng Poon, Lim Yee Teck and Teo Keng Thay 

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The Straits Times, 25 December 1988, Page 23

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