Tay Cheng Tee and Family

Tay Cheng Kee

Tan Geok Neo passed away on 27 Oct 1948 at the age of 71 years
Plot No Blk 2 D Plot No 158

Wee Siew Yong passed away at the age of 85 years on 29 March 1965 and was buried in plot Blk 2 D, plot no 156

Tay Cheng Kee passed away at his residence 40 Chin Swee Road age 52 years on July 26, 1927.  On 4th Feb 1923, he was elected Vice President of E Hoe Hean Club , the president at that time was Lim Chwee Chian.


The Straits Times, 27 July 1927, Page 8


荣俊 Tay Eng Choon


潤梅 Tay Joon Mei

雪梅 Tay Swat Mei

珍楯 Tay Tin Toon

Sons in law 

Lim Seow Kiew 

Cheong Hock Swee


Tay Tye Kok

Tay Gan Tin 

40 Chin Swee Road 

Mrs Tay nee Ong Ah Lin 



彥謨 Tay Gan Boh 

彥珍 Tay Gan Tin 

便娘 Tay Pian Neo



Tay Leong Thong

Tay Soo Kim

Tay Soo Hock

Tay Soo Jin

Tay Soo Lay

Tay Soo Tee


Tay Boey Neo

Tay Pheck Choo
Tay Poh Choo
Tay Beng Choo

Burial entry

Ong Ah Lin

63 years old 

DOD 16-4-38 

Blk 4 C 1470 and 1/2 1487 


The Straits Times, 20 June 1918, Page 6

Tay Gan Tin, nephew of Tay Cheng Kee, has passed his final  examination for the degree of Bachelor of Science (Eng). He is also an old Rafflesian


The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (Weekly), 7 October 1925, Page 7

He married Teo Soh  Cheng, the eldest daughter of Teo Teow Peng,  and was the executor of the estate of Teo Hoo Lye

In 1954 he was the manager of Chop Soon Bee

Tay Gan Tin became a JP and was awarded MBE in 1959

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Syonan Shimbun, 20 October 1942, Page 3