Mrs Chew Siew Hai

Mrs Chew Siew Hai nee Toh Kim Yong

民國三十三年八月廿一日 (Oct 7, 1944)
森林 Chew Sim Lim
豐林 Chew Hong Lim
氷蘭 Chew Peng Nan
氷清 Chew Peng Cheng 

From Chew Siew Hai obituary in 1983, she would be his first wife. She died during childbirth. 

Chew Siew Hai was a son of Chew Geok Leong. His father sent him to study medicine in Shanghai when he met Mdm Toh.  They became sweethearts and later married. During the early years in Shanghai, she supported his studies. They later married and returned to Singapore in Oct 1937. She died during childbirth in Oct 1944 

The Straits Times, 14 April 1983, Page 35