Hoe Eng Whatt and Koh Keng Hay

Hoe Eng Whatt and Koh Keng Hay 

民國十五年丙寅九月吉旦 (1926)

Mrs Hoe Eng Whatt
nee Koh Keng Hay Neo 


The Straits Times, 18 December 1939, Page 2


清賢 Hoe Cheng Yan 

清興 Hoe Cheng Hin 

Adopted son 

Koh Keng Leng 

玉記 Mrs Chin Chye Fong 

玉英 Mrs Ee Kim Guan 

玉興 Mrs Peck Teck Chee 

玉鳳 Mrs Lim Chong Beng 

玉水 Hoe Geok Swee (Mrs Koh Lye Hock) 


Sons in law 

Chin Chye Fong

Ee Kim Guan

Peck Teck Chee

Lim Chong Beng 

Koh Lye Hock 

Hoe Eng Whatt was said to obe the pioneer of Stangee incense, the aromatic incense used by Peranakan households during weddings and other occasions. There is a road Lorong Stangee named after this incense.