Chew Koh Beng

Chew Koh Beng (Chew Ko Beng) 周可明
(Chew Joo Beng) 

Sale of Property.
The Straits Times, 10 September 1912, Page 6

78 pieces of freehold land situate off Confederate Estate Road, area 139,129 sqft bought by Chew Koh Beng for $1,500 

Page 2 Advertisements Column 3

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser, 25 December 1931, Page 2

36 Pekin Street 

Lost Heavily In House Transactions
Malaya Tribune, 31 August 1940, Page 3

Chop Choo Teck Hup Kee 周德合號

Chew Koh Beng would be born around 1865 , ie younger brother of Chew Joo Chiat 


南洋商报, 31 August 1940, Page 9

Here the Chinese press mentioned Chew Koh Beng has 
一妻一妾 one wife and one concubine 

子女四人 four children 

75 years old in 1940 (born circa 1865, ie younger than Chew Joo



Chan Khin Neo (Chan Koon Neo) 
Chew Cheng Siong
Chew Cheng San (Chew Cheng Sun)
Chew Yeat Tee (Mrs Lim Bock Kee) 

Chew Cheng Siong 


Chew Ann Sim

Chew Ann Lian 

Chew Ann Tong

Chew Ann Cheng 

Chew Ann Soo 

Chew Ann Kheng 


Chew Siok Yam

Chew Siok Bee

Chew Kim Cheok (?)

Chew Kim Boon (?)

Chew Cheng Sun (Chew Cheng San) 

Wife : Soh Chye Neo 


Chew Chwee Leng 

Chew Chwee Poh 


Chew Kheok Kim (Chew Keok Khim)  (married Tan Beng Wah, third son of Tan Kwee Chian) 

Chew Chwee Lye 

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Malaya Tribune, 10 June 1939, Page 4

181 Deaths

The Straits Times, 26 January 1987, Page 21