Mrs Chew Swee Teong nee Tay Swee Neo

Mrs Chew Swee Teong nee Tay Swee Neo 

In memory of
Tay Swee Neo 
The beloved wife of Chew Swee Teong
Born 20th July 1862
Died 25th December 1906 

Tay Swee Neo would be the first wife of Chew Swee Teong 

應元 Chew Eng Guan 
應和 Chew Eng Hoe
應福 Chew Eng Hock 
貞蓮 Chew Cheng Lian 
貞鸞 Chew Cheng Luan 
貞金 Chew Cheng Kim (Mrs Tan Seng Bee)
貞藝 Chew Cheng Yee 

The Directory & Chronicle for China, Japan, Korea, Indo-China, Straits Settlement 1912

Chew Swee Tiong was Cashier at South British Insurance Co., Ltd 

Chew Eng Hoe (Chew Eng Ho) wife was Tan Soon Neo, eldest daughter of Tan Hap Seng 


The Straits Times, 7 September 1946, Page 4


Chew (Chan) Eng Seng 

Chew Eng Lin 


Mrs Goh Teck Cheow 

Mrs Tan Seng Bee 


Chew Keng Hian 

Chew Keng Lam 

Chew Kwee Hock 

The Straits Times, 3 January 1950, Page 6

Khoo Bah Chit, fifth son of Khoo Peng Hong married 
Miss Tan Kok Neo, third daughter of Tan Seng Bee