Tan Kim Cheng 陳錦清, 郭秀鐘

Kwek Siew Cheng, Wife of Tan Kim Cheng

Tan Kim Cheng 陳錦清, 
Kwek Siew Cheng 郭秀鐘 


Tan Tua Tee
Tan Hock Lee
Tan Hock Lye
Tan Hock Seng 
Tan Ah Bee
Tan Ah Tong
Tan Ah Nya
Tan Ah Lek
Tan Ah Chook
Tan Bong Soo 

In Loving Memory of
Madam Kwek Siew Cheng 
Died 12th July 1932


The Straits Times, 13 July 1932, Page 10

Kwek Nyachik 

Tan Kim Cheng Road is named after ?

Maps and title deeds courtesy of Charles Goh

Tan Kim Cheng Road only became a public road in 1970

Year 1910 


We can see that King’s Road, Empress Road (later Queen’s Road) has been named but not Tan Kim Cheng Road

This is owned by Tan Chye Lee. 226 Bukit Timah Road later becomes 535 and 537 Bukit Timah Road 

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Tan Chye Lee is a government contractor. His brother is Tan Chye Yam (Tan Chye Yen) 


One of their sons was Tan Tiang Choon 

Page 14 Advertisements Column 1

The Straits Times, 28 June 1920, Page 14

227 -2 Bukit Timah Road

2 roods and 12 poles 

Here the map shows 227 - 2 opp Cluny Railway station 

having lot no 60, 61 and 62 

1925 conveyance registered for Tan Kim Cheng of 227 - D (?) Bukit Timah Road for house no 309 (Later 557) Bukit Timah Road .  This is the 227 - 2 

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The Straits Times, 6 December 1928, Page 7

1928 Tan Kim Cheng has a Villa named using his surname 
535-A Bukit Timah Road

Tan Villa


Tan Kim Cheng land was mentioned as 2 roods 11 poles  and Lot No 60, 61 and 62. This would refer to 557 Bukit Timah and the land which it sits 

In April 39, there was a mortgagee sale of Tan Villa and the  4 properties  535, 537, 535-C Bukit Timah Road and 3 Duke’s Road 

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Malaya Tribune, 6 April 1939, Page 17

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Malaya Tribune, 17 April 1939, Page 17

535, 537, 535-C Bukit Timah Road 

3 Duke’s Road 

We can see that Tan Kim Cheng Road enclosed the small plot of land 2 roods 12 poles 

containing the 4 houses that was auctioned 

557 is further down the road between King and Queen Road 

1954 Map Tan Kim Cheong Road was amended to  Tan Kim Cheng Road 

In 1970 the private road became public.