Tan Teng Ann

Tan Teng Ann

In Loving Memory 
Of the Late 
Mr Tan Teng Ann
Who died on 6th February 1942
21st day of 12th Moon 
Age 60 years 

Tan Beng Ghee
Tan Beng Lay
Grand children 
Tan Soo Bin
Tan Gwek Lian 
Tan Gwek Chwee 
Tan Gwek Yang 

THURSDAY, JULY 28, 1927.

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (Weekly), 3 August 1927, Page 70

Tan Tiam Hock 


Tan Teng Ann

Tan Gim Ann

Tan Soon Ann

Tan Tam Kim

Births, Marriages and Deaths

Malaya Tribune, 1 March 1928, Page 8

Tan Teng Ann was son in law of Ong Tiang Soon 

His wife was Ong Yan Lin Neo 

The Straits Times, 13 April 1931, Page 8


The Straits Times, 31 October 1934, Page 10


Malaya Tribune, 15 June 1935, Page 10

Mrs Chan Cheng Kiat, nee Tan Geok Lin Neo aged 61, passed away at her residence 41 Neil Road

leaving her beloved husband, 4 sons, Chan Siew Hoon, Chan Siew Kiong, Chan Siew Kiam and Chan Siew Jiang, two daughters, one daughter in law, and four brothers

Tan Teng Ann

Tan Gim Ann

Tan Soon Ann

Tan Kim