Soh Peng Siong

Soh Peng Siong 

Mr Soh Peng Siong 
Died on 9th July 1943
Age 61 years 

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Syonan Shimbun, 13 July 1943, Page 2


Seet Sai Guat Neo

(See Sai Guat Neo) 


Soh Chye Hock

Soh Chye Leong 

Soh Chye Hin

Soh Chye Lim

Soh Chye Beng 


Soh Tiang Seng

Soh Tiang Thye 

Soh Tiang Huat 

Soh Tiang Keng 


Soh Kim Kee

Soh Kim Eng 

Soh Kim Lian

Soh Kim Bee 


Soh Chwee Neo 

Soh Gwek Neo 

Burial Entry 

Blk 2 H , plot no P56 

Seet Sai Guat Neo was the daughter of Seet Ewe Lay 

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The Straits Times, 9 June 1941, Page 2

Maggie Soh Kim Bee was married to Song Thian Soen, second son of Song Teck Ghee