Ang Teow Guan 洪兆元 and Tan Yean Neo 陳淵娘

Ang Teow Guan and Tan Yean Neo

考殿卿洪.公 Ang Teow Guan
妣淵娘陳氏 Tan Yean Neo
栢園 Peck Wan (Tan Peck Wan)
光輝 Kong Wee (Ang Kong Wee) 

Burial Entry 
Blk 3 A, P 287

Tan Choo Neo  P286 Blk 3 A
Ang Teow Guan and Tan Yan Neo P287 Blk 3 A
Tan Keng Hoon and Ang Cheng Seok P288 Blk 3 A
Exhumed at 4046-MXXIII Kampong Ampat on 3 Nov 1943

Date of Death : 1899 1 day before Duanwu Jie (5th day of Lunar 5th month) at age 36

His son Peck Wan adopted his maternal grandfather surname Tan to take on the lineage 

Wee Chwee Neo , second wife of Ang Teow Guan 

民國卅八年四月廿四日吉 1949 

Ang Kong Wee
Ang Lian Neo
Ang Peng Neo 

Blk 2 C plot 90
78 years old 
(Born circa 1871) 

Ang Teow Guan daughter was the first wife of Lee Chim Hay before he married his second wife in Sep1931

There is another daughter Ang Quee Neo who was married to Tan Cheng Toon, son of Tan Keong Saik, She was born circa 1883, hence she would be born of the first wife ie Tan Yean Neo 

Chinese Will Case.

Straits Echo, 6 January 1912, Page 4

Tan Peck Wan was not allowed to appoint a trustee in place of Wee Hee Hoon under the will of Ang Teow Guan

I would think of this Mrs Ang Teow Guan nee Wee Chwee Neo would be related to Wee Hee  Hoon , likely his elder sister 

 Page 5 Miscellaneous Column 1

Malaya Tribune, 20 August 1932, Page 5

Ang Kong Wee was a committee member of Wales Ministels 


The Straits Times, 17 July 1935, Page 12

Wee Chwee Neo could not read or write and she had her own signs for her accounts a small square with lines drawn diagonally representing "borrowed from a Bengali"  

Page 6 Advertisements Column 4

Malaya Tribune, 18 January 1936, Page 6


Lat Pau 1899 Oct 23 issue

Tan Keong Sum 陳恭三 (陳省堂) lament over the early death of Ang Teow Guan, published in Lat Pau 23 Oct 1899. He died in 1899, at the age of 36.  Therefore Ang Teow Guan would be born around 1863. He married Tan Keng Hoon’s daughter Tan Yean Neo at the age of 17 ie , 1880 

Tan Keong Sum was famous for his Accounts of Travels in Vietnam, published in 1888 by Singapore Lat Pau 

His father Ang Kim Cheak died when he was 7 years old and was raised by his mother Soh Siok Eng.
He was also Mrs Tan Keong Siak younger brother. 
He married Tan Keng Hoon’s daughter Tan Yean Neo 
His son Peck Wan adopted his maternal grandfather surname Tan to take on the lineage 
There are also 3 daughters who has grown up 


Malaya Tribune

19 graves to be exhumed belonging to the estate of Ang Kim Tee and Ang Teow Guan