Lim Tay Lin and Tan Bong Neo

Lim Tay Lin (Lim Tay Lim) and Tan Bong Soo

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Malaya Tribune, 27 December 1946, Page 2

克金 Lim Kay Kim
克念 Lim Kay Lean 

Lim Heng Keat 
Lim Heng Choon
Lim Boon Tat 
Lim Boon Leong 
Lim Boon Keng 
Lim Joo Neo 
Lim Alice 
Lim Young Neo 
Lim Seng Neo 
Lim Sian Neo 

Blk 1 E, plot no 92 
63 years 

Lim Tay Lin (Lim Tay Lim) was the son of Lim Tiang Swee and grandson of Lim Kong Wan 

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