Mrs Seow Eng Siew nee Tan Guak Eng

Mrs Seow Eng Seow nee Tan Guak Eng 

Seow Khiam Hock 
Seow Khiam Lock
Seow Khiam Chuan
Seow Khiam Seng
Seow Sim Kwah 
Seow Lang Kee
Seow Lang Huay 
Seow Lang Im 
Seow Lang Hiang 
Seow Lang Choo 

Malaya Tribune, 11 January 1930, Page 8

Yeo Phang Neo, daughter of Yeo Teck Hock 

Malaya Tribune, 5 December 1932, Page 8

Burial Entry

Bukit Brown Blk 3 C
plot No 852

52 years old

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