Yeo Hoon Swi family

Death of Chan Whye Cheok, father in law of Yeo Hoon Swi


The Straits Times, 18 September 1926, Page 8

Buried at Sehn Chan Burial Ground Silat Road 


Chan Geng Yean Neo  (Mrs Yeo Hoon Swi)

Chan Geng Hong 

Son in law 

Yeo Hoon Swi 


Chan Cheow Poh 

Yeo Cheow Hin 

Yeo Cheow Ann 

Yeo Hoon Swi 



民國十九年七月十四日 (Sep 6, 1930) 

Burial plot Y564

Chan Geng Ean (Mrs Yeo Hoon Swi) 


民國十九年七月十四日 (Sep 6, 1930)

Burial plot Y565 

Sehn Yeo Burial Ground

Death of Yeo Hoon Swi 


The Straits Times, 5 August 1937, Page 2

199 Onan Road 

Age 68


Chan Cheow Poh (adopted out to Chan Whye Cheok)

Yeo Cheow Ann 


Yeo Seok Chin (Mrs Wee Chye Choe)

Yeo Seok Kim (Mrs Seet Teng Chye)

Yeo Seok Choo (Mrs Lim Tian Yang)

4 daughters in law 

3 sons in law 

Wee Chye Choe 

Seet Teng Chye 

Lim Tian Yang 


Yeo Hoon Kiat 


Yeo Hong Wee 

Yeo Poh Hood 

Yeo Tay Seng 

Yeo Ann Soon 

Seet Teng Chye should be son of Seet San Ghee, grandson of Seet Eng Moh, and great grandson of Seet Hood Kee 

Yeo Cheow Hin should be deceased earlier than his father 


Malaya Tribune, 8 September 1930, Page 8

Mrs Yeo Hoon Swi nee Chan Geng Yean Neo , aged 58 years old

died Sep 6, 1930 at 431 Havelock Road 

431 Havekock Road  in 1932 was listed as Seet Teng Chye residence also  (two doors next to Havelock Road Police Station) 

Internment at Sehn Yeo Burial Ground 


Chan Cheow Poh

Yeo Cheow Him

Yeo Cheow Ann 


Yeo Seok Chin (Mrs Wee Chye Choe)

Yeo Seok Kim (Mrs Seet Teng Chye)

Yeo Seok Choo

Yeo Clan burial entries

The ancestry place 金門 might not be correct 

The date on Yeo Cheow Hin tomb should be the erection date as that of his wife tomb which was her death date and not his death date 

Yeo Hoon Swi 

Chan Geng Ean 

Yeo Cheow Hin 

Wee Swee Hoon

Tan Im Neo 

Yeo Cheow Hin 
Wee Swee Hoon Neo 
Burial plot Y566 Y567
忠輝 Yeo Tiong Hwee 


Malaya Tribune, 7 November 1927, Page 8

Death of Mrs Yeo Cheow Hin nee Wee Swee Hoon Neo 
Wee Kay Chiang elder daughter 


Wee Chye Huat 

Wee Loh Siew 

Tan Im Neo (Mrs Yeo Cheow Ann) died 18 Oct 1962



Burial plot Y568

Marriage of Yeo Cheow Ann with Tan Im Neo at 431 Havelock Road (pic courtesy of Norman Cho) 

Auction of 431 Havelock Road 

Page 4 Advertisements Column 2

Malaya Tribune, 26 March 1935, Page 4

Chan Geng Hong vs

Chan Seok Kim

Yeo Hoon Swee

Yeo Cheow Poh (Chan Cheow Poh)
Yeo Cheow Ann

Yeo Seok Chin

Yeo Seok Kim

Yeo Seok Choo


The Straits Times, 29 September 1959, Page 6

Chan Whay Yam, second son of Chan Cheow Poh married Tan Chye Choo, youngest daughter of Tan Soo Hin

Tan Chye Choo’s brother George Tan Eng Leong was the deputy managing editor of the Straits Times before he died in a car crash on Jan 28 1962 at the Johore Bahru - Ayer Hitam Road 8 1/2 ms 

Tan Soo Hin was the son of Tan Jiak Peng (son of Tan Beng Guat, grandson of Tan Kim Seng). Mrs Tan Soo Hin was Chi Guat Eng, eldest daughter of Chi Kang Cheng, granddaughter of Chee Lim Bong, great granddaughter of Chee Yam Chuan 


The Straits Times, 26 February 1968, Page 10

Chan Cheow Poh , 76 , passed away in 24.2.1968

J2l Deaths

The Straits Times, 13 November 1988, Page 28

Mrs Chan Cheow Poh nee Tan Siew Keow

Seh Yeo burial ground reburial cluster at Choa Chu Kang Cemetery