Chee Buay Lee Neo

Chee Buay Lee Neo 徐梅里娘

In Loving Memory of
Chee Buay Lee Neo 
Born July 27, 1877
Died October 13, 1913

祈福 Ong Kee Hock 
祈壽 Ong Kee Siew 
溫娘 Ong Woon Neo 
水娘 Ong Chwee Neo 
柔娘 Ong Liew Neo 
錫娘 Ong Siak Neo 

Chee Hoon Bong has 3 daughters 
Chee Buay Liew Neo
Chee Buay Kim 
Chee Buay Lee Neo

Both Chee Buay Liew and Chee Buay Kim are 2 years older than Chee Buay Lee .  I have no doubt Chee Buay Lee Neo here was the daughter of Chee Hoon Bong 

Ong Kee Siew married Tan Sah Neo, daughter of Tan Cheow Pin and Chee Soh Lan (awaiting confirmation of Ong Kee Siew) 

This tomb has a coat of arms with a lion and a lamb ?