Wee Theam Seng Family

Wee Theam Seng 


The Straits Times, 4 February 1946, Page 4

Lim Hong Buan Neo was the second wife of Wee Theam Seng 

His first wife died early giving birth to his eldest daughter 


The Singapore Free Press, 12 April 1950, Page 12

Wee Yew Neo - Mrs Kwa Siew Tee 
Wee Swee Neo - Mrs Yeo Chiang Swee
Wee Inn Neo - Mrs. Gaw Khek Swee

Wee Ek Neo - Mrs Gaw Khek Chiew
Wee Kim Sian - Mrs Lauw Pek Tjin
Helene Wee - Mrs Tan Chin Tuan