Ngeow Nian Chin and Wee Seok Neo

Ngeow Nian Chin

Mrs Ngeow Nian Chin nee Wee Seok Neo 


世林 Ngeow Ser Lim 

世成 Ngeow Ser Sin 


珠娘 Ngeow Choo Neo 


Son in law 

Wee Cheng Woo 

DOMESTIC OCCURRENCE. Births, Marriages And Deaths. DEATH.

Malaya Tribune, 21 November 1931, Page 8

Wee Seok Neo died 11 days after her mother Tan Tew Neo died on 9 Nov 1931. (Tan Tew Neo was daughter of Tan Kim Tian) 
Blk 3 B Plot No 480  
Age 48 years (ie born 1883)

The Straits Times, 22 December 1952, Page 9

Died on 21st Dec 1952 at the age of 83 

Malayan Saturday Post, 9 November 1929, Page 8

Wee Cheng Woo, eldest son of Wee Peng Chwee

Ngeow Choo Neo 

Malaya Tribune, 18 October 1934, Page 20

Mr Ngeow Ser Sin. younger son of Mr. Ngeow Nian Chin and the late Mrs. Ngeow Nian Chin, and Miss Tan Seok Cheng, the second dau;;n ci of Mr. and Mrs. Tan Tiang Siew who were married in Singapore recently


The Straits Times, 14 March 1937, Page 13

Page 2 Advertisements Column 1

Syonan Shimbun, 26 August 1943, Page 2

Mrs Tan Sim Poey 


Tan Tiang Koon

Tan Tiang Siew 

Tan Tiang Beng 


Malaya Tribune, 10 April 1946, Page 2

Mrs Ang Boon Cheng nee Madam Cheong Keng Loon 

Toyoda Sentenced To Death

The Straits Times, 9 July 1946, Page 5

Wee Cheng Woo died in Outram Prison during WW2

Notes :

Land owned by Tan Kim Tian bordering Onraet Road and Hokkien Huay Kuan land Kopi Sua 

Mukim 17 Lot no 34-7

Map and land deed courtesy of Charles Goh 

12 Apr 1938 

Trustees of Tan Kim Tian estate 

Tan Kay Tiang 

Ngeow Nian Chin 

11 June 1938 the estate was conveyed to Tan Choon Seng, son of Tan Cheng Siang 

Tan Kay Tiang has passed away on 10th Jun 1938, his father was Tan Cheng Lian, likely an earlier deceased son of Tan Kim Tian 

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