Chew Jim Him 周壬鑫

Chew Jim Him 周壬鑫

Tombstone is fallen flat face down 

Burial record : Blk 3B plot no 10 / 26


Malaya Tribune, 6 March 1930, Page 8

The Straits Times, 18 February 1925, Page 8

Chew Swee Lim married 
See Siew Liang, sister of See Tiong Wah 

Extracted from Sun Yat-Sen, Nanyang and the 1911 Revolution

edited by Lai To Lee, Hock Guan Lee

Published by Chinese Heritage Centre and ISEAS on 2011

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce (新加坡中華总商會) 成立于1906年, 是新加坡历史悠久的商业团体

Chew Jim Him

Singapore Kung Ho Tang 新加坡共和黨

Chin Pu Tang (進步黨)