Mrs Tan Cheow Pin nee Chee Soh Lan

Mrs Tan Cheow Pin nee Chee Soh Lan 

中華民囯八年已未二月 (1919)

孝男 Sons 
天德 Tan Tian Teck 
德林 Tan Teck Lim 
女 Daughters 
美娘 Tan Bee Neo 
三娘 Tan Sah Neo 
德娘 Tan Teck Neo (Mrs Song Teck Hee)
寿娘 Tan Siew Neo 
容娘 Tan Yong Neo 

Page 4 Advertisements Column 3

Malaya Tribune., 19 February 1919, Page 4

Mrs Tan Chow Pin nee Chee Soh Lan

Tan Chow Pin (Tan Cheow Pin) was the second son of Tan Soon Toh and grandson of Tan Kim Ching 

Page 1 Advertisements Column 3

The Straits Times, 1 April 1902, Page 1

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