Teo Guan Tye

Teo Guan Tye 張源泰

In loving memory of
The repose of Teo Guan Tye 
Who died on the 27 day of November 1919 
Corresponding the 6th day of 
the 10th Chinese Moon of Bin Kok 9th year 


The Straits Times, 5 May 1931, Page 4

Mrs Teo Guan Tye 

Teo Ewe Teong

Teo Leng Teong

Teo Cheng Teong 

Teo Kong Teong 


The Straits Times, 7 January 1932, Page 6

From Song Ong Siang’s book :

Early in 1887 Teo Guan Tye (son of Teo Kit), who carried on the business of fruit preserver, spirit manufacturer, etc, at No 99 Telok Ayer Street, under the chop Thye Seng Bee & Co, sent to the Colonial and Indian Exhibition his preserved pineapple, guava and plantain jellies, and many other kinds of sweets made of fruits, besides several ornamental articles made of ivory and wood, and was awarded a medal in bronze for some of the exhibits, and also a certificate in commendation of the excellent quality of his sauce.