Koh Chong Keng

Koh Chong Keng 


Koh Beng Kay

Koh Beng Yam

Koh Beng Swee 


Koh Seok Joo

Koh Seok Choo 

Koh Seok Hong

Koh Seok Tin

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Koh Seok Eng


Koh Kiah Tah


The Straits Times, 26 January 1942, Page 2

Mr Koh Chong Keng aged 55 years, passed away peacefully at his residence at No 11 Dublin Road, on Sunday the 25th instant, leaving behind his wife, mother in law, brother, sister, three sons, (Koh Beng Kay, Koh Beng Yam, Koh Beng Swee), six daughters, 5 sons in law, 2 daughters in law, and 12 grandchildren to mourn his loss.  Due to the present hostililties, the funeral will take place today the 26th at 2 pm 

Son in law of Yeo Keng Chuan 

Burial entry 
Blk 4 C

From the burial  certificate Mr and Mrs Koh Chong Keng paid $300 for 6 plots at Blk 4 C, 1136, 1137, 1152, 1153, 1168 and 1169 on 5th Jul 1938 from the Municipal Commissioners Office