Mrs Khoo Kok Wah nee Lim Thng Neo 邱國瓦夫人林榶娘

Mrs Khoo Kok Wah nee Lim Thng Neo 

In Loving Memory of
Mrs Khoo Kok Wah 
Died 28th May 1949 
Age 75 years 

思春 Khoo Soo Choon 
思齊 Khoo Soo Chay 
思才 Khoo Soo Chye 
紅絹 Khoo Ann Kuan 


The Straits Times, 30 May 1949, Page 4

40 Wilkinson Road 


Khoo Soo Choon

Khoo Soo Chay 

Khoo Soo Chye 

8 daughters in law 

1 daughter 

2 sons in laws 

Yeo Guan Soon

Goh Cheng San 

41 grand children 

7 grandsons in law 

4 granddaughters in law 

15 great grand children 

Khoo Kok Wah was the son of Khoo Cheng Cheok - 邱正潮

Extracted from Song Ong Siang’s book - 

The firm of Khoo Cheng Tiong & Co chop Heng Chun at Boat Quay dealt extensively in Saigon rice. The founder was Khoo Cheng Tiong, who came to Singapore with very little means, commenced business about  1850 and gradually became one of the best- known rice merchants in the Settlement, being worth at the time of his death over a million dollars which, very properly, were mostly invested in this Settlement. He had a wide acquaintance in Singapore, where he was for some time president of the Chinese charitable hos- pital (‘Tongchay-e-sia’) and one of the recognised heads of the Hokien community. The firm owned large rice mills at Saigon. Khoo Cheng Teow, his brother, was the manager of chop Heng Chun. Seeing that the business was very profitable, Cheng Teow started his own busi- ness as rice merchants under the chop Aik Seng & Co, taking Cheng Tiong into partnership with him. He appointed Khoo Syn Thuak to be manager of chop Aik Seng, which, after the death of Cheng Teow in

January 1896, owing to bad management had to be closed. One of his sons, Khoo Kok Wah, commenced a new business as rice merchants under the name of Aik Seng & Co in Cecil Street, and this business is in a very prosperous condition to-day.

南洋名人集傳 - 丘國瓦


The Straits Times, 11 August 1957, Page 1