Tan Chin Lock 陳振祿

Tan Chin Lock 陳振祿

Died 19th Oct 1926 
Age 45

Tan Chong Tat
Tan Gin Chwee 
Tan Gin Lian 
Tan Ah Soo
Tan Gin Poh 
Tan Beng Kim 
Tan Ah Bee 
Tan Sai Suan 


The Straits Times, 21 April 1926, Page 8

Teo Swee Leong married Teo Ghin Chwee 


The Straits Times, 20 October 1926, Page 8

Page 8 Advertisements Column 2

Malaya Tribune, 7 December 1927, Page 8

Wee Chye Huat, 2nd son of Wee Kay Chiang married Tan Ghin Lian 


Malaya Tribune, 23 December 1930, Page 8

Lim Peck Chin married Tan Gim Poh Neo alias Lucy Tan 

Page 4 Advertisements Column 3

Malaya Tribune, 16 August 1934, Page 4

Tan Gim Chwee Neo and Song (Tan) Chong Tat, children of Tan Chin Lock 

Tan Chin Siew was brother of Tan Chin Lock 


The Straits Times, 25 May 1946, Page 4

Koh Tiong Tat, third son of Koh Seck Geok and Wee Keng Neo

Lily Tan Sai Suan, youngest daughter of late Mr and Mrs Tan Chin Lock and adopted daughter of Madam Tan Tau Neo 


Malaya Tribune., 26 December 1914, Page 8

Tan Kim Whatt (Tan Kim Watt) 
, 5 Peck Seah Road 


Tan Chin Lock 

Tan Chin Siew 

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