Mrs Cheang Hong Lim nee Yeo Bee Neo

Mrs Cheang Hong Lim nee Yeo Bee Neo 


壬憲 Cheang Jim Hean (passed away, not listed)
壬慶 Cheang Jim Kheng
壬全 Cheang Jim Chuan
壬壽 Cheang Jim Siew 
壬和 Cheang Jim Ho
壬松 Cheang Jim Seong
壬榮 Cheang Jim Eng (not listed)
壬煥 Cheang Jim Huan
壬光 Cheang Jim Kong
壬乾 Cheang Jim Kheang
壬坤 Cheang Jim Khoon (not listed)
拓蓮 Cheang Cheow Lian Neo (Cheang Cheow Lean Neo)
癸蓮 Cheang Kwee Lian Neo (Cheang Kwee Lean Neo) not listed
賽蓮  Cheang Sai Lian Neo (Cheang Sai Lean Neo)
清蓮 Cheang Cheng Lian Neo (Cheang Cheng Lean Neo)

炳莫 Cheang Peng Bok
炳基 Cheang Peng Kee, 
添慈 Cheang Theam Chu, 
添基 Cheang Theam Kee, 
武英 Cheang Boo Eng,
應民 Cheang Ing Bin, 
添樑 Cheang Theam Leong
添振 Cheang Theam Tin, 
應發 Cheang Ing Huat, 
應財 Cheang Ing Chye, 
茂生 Cheang Boo Seng, 
清龍 Cheang Cheng Leong


Portrait of Yeo Bee Neo, taken from Twentieth Century Impressions of British Malaya