Lim Ie Ging and Oei Khoen Neo

Lim Ie Ging and Oei Khoen Neo

In Memory of Mr and Mrs Lim IE Ging 
烈𥈠 Lim Liat Juay DOB Oct 15, 1890 
烈興 Lim Liat Hin 1892 
烈文 Lim Liat Boon 1896
建本 Lim Kian Poen
建圖 Lim Kian Tho 
建忠 Lim Kian Tiong 
建廉 Lim Kian Liam
建利 Lim Kian Lie
建猷 Lim Kian Yoe 
建孝 Lim Kian Haw 
建裕 Lim Kian Joo 



The Straits Times, 13 June 1930, Page 6

Burial entry
Oei Khoen Neo
Internment 15 Jun 1930
Blk 2C 648/664
62 years 

Tomb of Lim Ie Ging and Mrs Lim Ie Ging, nee Oei Khoen Neo, sister of the Sugar Baron Oei Tiong Ham. Lim Ie Ging owned large brickworks in Pasir Panjang. They have 3 sons, 2 of them were prominent doctors: Dr Albert Lim Liat Juay and
Dr Harold Lim Liat Hin.

Dr Albert Lim set up the first blood transfusion unit in Singapore and delivered baby Lee Kuan Yew on 16 Sep 1923 at their family house at Kampong Java Road - ref:

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Dr. Albert Lim, aged 80, dies at home

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Mr. A. L. B. LIM

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