Lee Chim Kian and Tan Koh Neo 李深建与陳國娘

Lee Chim Kian and Tan Koh Neo (Badong) 李深建与陳國娘


民國庚午年三月廿三 1930 
德貴 Lee Teck Kwee
音蓮 Lee Im Lian
明月 Lee Beng Guat Neo (Mrs Wee Huck Su)

Domestic occurrences.

Malaya Tribune, 22 April 1930, Page 8

Lee Chim Kian of 71, Lorong 3, East Coast Road, age 61 passed away on April 21, 1930


The Straits Times, 15 November 1913, Page 8

Lee Chim Kian was son of Lee Keng Yam . 

Lee Chim Kian's mother was Chua Ngo Hay Neo

and Brother Lee Chim Kay 


The Straits Times, 14 October 1924, Page 8

Wee Huck Su (Wee Huck Soo) married Lee Beng Guat Neo on Oct 17, 1922.   
Marriage will take place at 34 Cornwall Street.

Tan Kok Neo was daughter of Tan Kim Ching 


南洋商报, 10 August 1929, Page 7

At the time of reporting bankruptcy in 1929, she was 51 years old and her husband Lee Chim Kian was 60 years old