Chia Peck Siang

Chia Peck Siang 

Born 20th, 6th Chinese Moon, 1858
In Memory of Chia Peck Siang
Died 13th , 11th Chinese Moon, 1909

Sons : Chia Chye Yam, Chia Chye Lim, Chia Chye Koon
Daughters : Chia Peng Neo, Chia Im Neo, Chia Lee Neo 
Chia Liew Neo, Chia Beng Neo 

The Straits Times, 18 August 1902, Page 5

Page 8 Advertisements Column 2

The Straits Times, 11 March 1921, Page 8

On March 9, 1921, Song Chin Eng to

Miss Chia Liew Neo, sixth daughter of the late Chia Peck Siang 


The Straits Times, 29 August 1932, Page 10

Chia Chye Koon, youngest son of late Chia Pheck
Siang and Miss Koh Lian Neo, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Koh Seck Geok