Mrs Ong Koon Choo nee Chua Cheng Neo 王門蔡種娘

Mrs Ong Koon Choo nee Chua Cheng Neo
王門蔡種娘 Chua Cheng Neo 

宣統元年己酉十月廿三 (1909)
雲明 Ong Hoon Beng
清水 Ong Cheng Swee
清河 Ong Cheng Hoe
武力 Bulat 
啟發 Ong Kay Watt 
啟昌 Ong Kay Chong
啟興 Ong Kay Hin 

The Straits Times, 29 October 1924, Page 8

On October 27, 1924, at 8.45 pm at 42 Cornwall Street, Ong Koon Choo, age 62, beloved fatehr of Messrs Ong Hoon Beng  and Ong Cheng Hoe, deceased leaves behind him a widow, five daughters and seven grandchildren. Deeply regretted.  

This tomb is in the Seh Ong side located  in Blk 1 Bukit Brown Cemetery.   It is not found in Bukit Brown Burial Registry.  Tomb has been exhumed