Tan Bong Soo 郭門陳望仕娘

Tan Bong Soo 郭門陳望仕娘


清茂 Quek Cheng Moh (Quek Cheng Teo?)
清旺 Quek Cheng Ong 


The Straits Times, 28 October 1926, Page 7

Mrs Quek Geok Lin (Quek Geok Lim) 

Age 45 years 

October 27 1926

Opp Keng Hin Rubber Works 

Brother Tan Hap Seng 
Tan Bong Soon was the youngest daughter of Tan Kim Tian


Quek Cheng Teo 

Quek Cheng Ong


Quek Cheng Noy

Quek Nya Chit 

Quek Nya Kerehit 

Burial entry Blk 1 C plot no 206 

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