Wee Theam Tew Family

Exhumation notice published in Nanyang Siang Pau in Sep 1971 of the exhumation of Wee Hee and his wife and Wee Kay Cheang and his wife

Straits Times 1971 Sep 17

Yuen Fu Li - posthumous name of 阮啓昌 Wee Kay Cheang

Year of death - 1882/1883 - correspond to the year he wrote the will and said he was sick

Wu So Chun - posthumous name of 吳德娘, Goh Teck Neo,  Wee Kay Cheang's wife

Sons: from the way they write, the middle son is the eldest as they copy from right to left ie
Tim Seng - 添成
Tim Tow - 添籌
Tim Meng - 添銘
Sia Neo - 霞娘

Yuen Chen Lan -1873/1874 posthumous name of Wee Hee

NB : Wee Hee wrote his will on 8th Aug 1871 and passed away on or around 1st March 1873

Chi Tai - Kay Tye - son mentioned in his will
Chi Chang - Kay Cheang
Mun Neo (Bong Neo)
Choi Yuen (Chye Hoon)
Tim Chye - Theam (Cham) Chye mentioned in his will (presently of Amoy in China)
Tim So - Theam (Cham) Siew mentioned in his will (presently of Amoy in China)
Tim Tow - Theam Tew
Tim Seng - Theam Seng

Chuan Yi - Wee Hee wife Lim Gun Neo

Wife of Wee Hee reburied in Bukit Brown from Heng San Teng.
Tomb date : 1858 lunar 6th month
Mdm Gay Posthumous name - Qing Ee (Meaning Quiet One)


Sons : Kay Tye, Kay Cheang, Kay Seng
罔娘 Wee Bong Neo
彩雲 Wee Chye Hoon

Daughters: Mun Neo, Chai Hoon

Wee Hee and Wee Kay Cheang burial land

Based on analysis of the respective wills and land deeds with the help of Charles Goh,  I am now able to determine the final resting place of Mr and Mrs Wee Hee and Mr and Mrs Wee Kay Cheang.

They are reburied in CCK 482A12,13,14,15 on 15 Nov 1971 after the exhumation notice was published in Straits Times and Nanyang Siang Pau

Wee Hee


孝男 Sons 
啟泰 Kay Tye 
啟昌 Kay Cheang 
女 Daughters 
罔娘 Mun Neo 
彩雲 Choi Yuen

孫 Grand Children 
Theam Chye - 添財
Theam Siew - 添秀
Theam Tew - 添籌
Theam Seng - 添成
Tim Beng - 添銘


Mrs Wee Hee nee Lim Gun Neo

孝男 Sons 
啟泰 Kay Tye 
啟昌 Kay Cheang 
女 Daughters 
罔娘 Mun Neo 
彩雲 Choi Yuen

孫 Grand Children 
Theam Chye - 添財
Theam Siew - 添秀
Theam Tew - 添籌
Theam Seng - 添成
Tim Beng - 添銘


Wee Kay Cheang 
Sons :
Theam Tew - 添籌
Theam Seng - 添成
Tim Beng - 添銘
Sia Neo - 霞娘

Mrs Wee Kay Cheang nee Goh Tek Neo

Sons :
Theam Tew - 添籌
Theam Seng - 添成
Tim Beng - 添銘
Sia Neo - 霞娘

The niches of Wee Hee, Wee Kay Cheang and Goh Tek Neo are located in  Blk E- 0320, Choa Chu Kang Columbarium

Wee Hee tablet

The spirit tablet of Patriotic Guardsman Conferred By the
Ming the honourable Ruan, personal name Xixi, [who held the position of] General Headman

(Ref:  David Chng book)

Wee Hee and Chop Hong Seng

Singapore Free Press 1st Nov 1860

Wee Hee's will

Wednesday 16th Apr 1873 In Open Court
His Honor Thomas Sidgreaves Esq
Chief Justice

It is ordered that Probate of the Last Will and Testament of Wee Hee sometimes called Wee Tian Siew deceased be issued to Wee Kay Cheang the Executor in the said Will named upon his taking the prescribed oath

Wee Kay Cheang's will (in Chinese)


Mrs Wee Theam Tew nee Tan Bee Choo

14 Dec 1939 Straits Times

Mrs Wee Theam Tew 68 yrs of age, of 49-A Emerald Hill Road, died on Dec 13, 1939 and was buried in BBHP, Blk 4 Sec C Tomb No 1787. She left behind 2 sons Chye Hin and Chye Hoe, two daughters, eighteen grandchildren including Tan Hock Chuan and 5 great grandchildren

Her husband Theam Tew's brother was Wee Theam Seng's whose 6 daughters were married to:

Kwa Siew Tee
Yeo Chiang Swee
Gaw Khek Swee
Gaw Khek Chiew
Lauw Pek Tjin
Tan Chin Tuan

Death of Tan Chin Hoon (son of Tan Koon Swee),  father in law of Wee Theam Tew, age 56, in 1899

Kabar Slalu 1924 Mar 22 Baba Tan Chin Hoon


The Story of Wee Theam Tew

Source :  One hundred years' history of the Chinese in Singapore by Song Ong Siang

Source:  Twenty Century Impressions of British Malaya, pg 634

Mr Wee Theam Tew, one of the leading Chinese legal practitioners of Singapore, comes of a family who have resided in the Straits Settlement for 3 generations. His grandfather, Wee Theam Soo, came from China as a literary graduate, and together with Dr Lim Boon Keng's father and Mr Cheang Hong Lim's father, to whom reference is made on another page,  acquired the first opium farm in the colony. Mr Wee Theam Tew was educated locally, after which he entered a commerical house in Singapore and rapidly rose from the position of clerk to that of manager. He was however, attracted to the legal profession, and, enrolling himself as a student of Lincoln's Inn, he was called to the Bar in 1897.

Returning from London to the East, he was appointed secretary to the Prince of Su, the military governer of Peking,but after occupying that position for a short time, he came back to Singapore and commenced practice as a barrister. He has now attained an honourable position in the profession and built up an extensive practice

Singapore Free Press 1897 Aug 12

Wee Thiam Tew became the second Chinese resident of Singapore to qualify for the legal profession in English

Straits Times 18 Jul, 1900

Wee Theam Tew calling to fight against the Boxers and the Manchus
The Straits Times, 18 July 1900, Page 2

Straits Times 6 Feb 1901,  Wee Thiam Tew elected as Municipal Commisioner for Rochore Ward

PRINCE CHUN'S ARRIVAL and Wee Theam Tew address on behalf of the Straits born Chinese
The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942),
31 July 1901, Page 3

Wee Theam Tew takes up post in China

14 Aug 1902 Straits Times

10 Oct. 1902

阮添疇 Wee Theam Tew a Chinese fr. Singapore who says he and his father were born there was introduced by Cowie, to talk abt. the Kalgan line. He says Chang Yen mao and
Wang Wen-shao sent for him to ask whether he cld. raise money in Singapore for a railway to Kalgan. They said China had not the money, and the Russians who were pressing them wd. certainly insist on doing it themselves if they did not. But there was an agreement that
it must be built by China herself, with her own money. Now he could easily get the money
in Singapore, and Chang Yen mao said the Govt. would give a guarantee of 5%. If he got
the concession wd. he be supported? For otherwise the Singapore Chinese wd. simply lose
their money.
I said I wd. think over it, and if I had anything to tell him, wd. send to him thro’ Cowie.
Teleg’d to Fr[ank]. Swettenham to ask about him.

The Diaries of Sir Ernest Satow,British Envoy in Peking (1900-06)_vol.1(1900-03)

14 Jan 1903 Straits Times - Wee Thiam Tew to return to Singapore




Death of Wee Theam Tew in 1918