Tan Hong Siang, great grandson of Tan Oo Long

Tan Hong Siang

Bukit Brown Burial Entry
Blk 4A, tomb 1289. He passed away on 13.2.41 at the age of 63

陳太源 Tan Tye Guan 
Tan Hum Boon
Tan Hong Siang

Genealogy - Tan Oo Long - Tan Tye Guan - Tan Hum Boon - Tan Hong Siang

Tan Tye Guan (1829 - 1862), married Lim Lew Neo
- Hum Boon
- Hum Keng
- Teck Neo (adopted from Swee Guan, 1864 - 1891, died in Siam)

Hum Boon (1856 -
- Hong Siang
Hong Siang (1879 - 1941) married twice, first with Yeo Hong Tye's  daughter Yeo Bee Har Neo and later with Ee See San's daughter
- Chin Guan

Lim Lew Neo was buried in her brother Lim Chong Guan's burial ground not so far from Tan Oo Long land in Outram. Lim Chong Guan was a partner together with Cheang Hong Lim opium farm business. He was one of the early pioneers mentioned in the Chinese address to Sir Andrew Clarke in 1875. Tye Guan was buried in Hong Bee Hill in Alexandra, this hill was also owned by Cheang Hong Lim.