Portrait of Ong Seng Kit Family

The two matriachs of the family sitting in the middle : 
Ong Chye Luan, the wife of Ong Siang Lim  and mother of Ong Seng Kit and her mother Mrs Tan Eng Keat nee Sng Swee Neo 

Family photo taken at Yeo Keng Chuan's Bungalow at  397 Paya Lebar Road in 1927

Back Row
Ong Seng Wee (brother), Ong Seng Kit and Ong Choon Thiam (Seng Kit's son), Tay Sin Siak

3rd Row
Ong Seng Thong (brother), baby Nya Nya, Kang Bah Chek, Lim Kim Chew, Tay Choo Teck and Japoon Tay

2nd Row
Ong Poh Hiang (Seng Wee's son), Ong Kwee Wah (Seng Kit's son), Charlie Kang, Nancy Ong, Ong Seng Kay (brother)

Ong Poh Choo, Ong Chew Yan (sister), Ong Chew Hoe (sister), Ong Chew Geck (sister), Tan Chye Luan (mother), Sng Swee Neo (grandmother), Lee Teck Ee (Seng Kit's wife), Chua Guat Neo (Seng Wee's wife), Lim Siew Gek, Ong Poh Geok

Front Sitting
Mary Lim, Ong Poh Choon (Seng Wee's son), Ong Poh Kim (Seng Kit's 3rd daughter)


397 Paya Lebar Road