Mrs Lee Pek Gum nee Tan Gaik Neo

Mrs Lee Pek Gum

Malaya Tribune, 13 December 1935, Page 12

Mrs Lee Peck Gum nee Madam Tan Gaik Neo aged 74 passed away peacefully on 
Wednesday, the 11th instant at 335 Pasir Panjang Hill, Singapore
Lee Kim Swee
Tan Eng Chiang
Sons in laws
Tan Bak Kow
Lim Yong Teck
Tan Soo Jin

Lee Kim Hua Neo
Lee Kim Neo (Violet)
Daughters in laws
Tan Chit Lee Neo
Pok Pin Lan Neo
Chua Cheng Wan Neo

Lee Peck Gum (Lee Pek Gum) was the son of Lee Cheng Tee and Tan Hay Neo (daughter of Tan Tock Seng).  He also hold the  power of attorney for Gaw Boon Chan during his absence in Singapore in 1904,pek,gum&oref=article