Mrs Cheong Choon Kim

Mrs Cheong Choon Kim

In Loving Memory of 
Mrs Cheong Choon Kim
nee Lim Chit Neo 
Died 30th January 1927

Erected by her sons 
志揚 Cheong Chee Yang 
雪琴 Cheong Swat Kim 
雪梨 Cheong Swat Leh
路墨 Robert Cheong 
金花 Cheong Kim Hua 
金枝 Cheong Kim Kee

One Hundred Years’ History Of the Chinese in Singapore
By Song Ong Siang 

In this year (1893) a young enterprising Straits [278] Chinese, Cheong Choon Kim, established the firm of Yap Whatt & Co, in d’Almeida Street, which was the first Straits-born Chinese firm engaged in commission, import and export trade in the Colony.80 With the assistance of his younger brother, Cheong Choon Beng, the firm became well known as intermediary in business between the Chinese dealers and shopkeepers and the European manufacturers. In 1902 Mr Choon Kim visited China and opened a branch of his firm in Shang- hai. On his death in 1905 the business was continued by Mr Cheong

Cheong Choon Beng, who, by his winsome manners, was very popular with all commercial travellers. Mr Choon Beng was one of the original members of the Chinese Co SVI, and, in 1902, went to England as one of the Straits Coronation contingent, and made good use of his time there in visiting and making the acquaintance of the heads of the manufac- turing firms with which Yap Whatt & Co had business dealings. He died on the 25th March 1913, like his elder brother, from an apoplectic stroke.