Koh Seh Loon

Koh Seh Loon 
(Koh Sek Loon) 

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Malaya Tribune, 2 October 1931, Page 8

Mr Koh Seh Loon age 72 passed away peacefully at 1.30 am on Sep 29 1931 at 461 Joo Chiat Road leaving a widow, a son

Koh Kim Seng alias Bah Chee


The Straits Times, 13 September 1932, Page 10

Mrs Koh Seh Loon (nee Madam Tok Chwee Eng) died on 6.20 am on Saturday, Sep 10 1932 at No 461 Joo Chiat Road at the age of 68 leaving one son Koh Kim Seng, three daughters, one daughter in law, ten grand children and two sons in law Messrs Tan Cheng Boon and Tan Yew Hock to mourn her loss.

Son - Koh Kim Seng (Koh Bah Chee)

Sons in law

Tan Cheng Boon

Tan Yew Hock 


The Straits Times, 4 November 1933, Page 12

Page 2 Advertisements Column 3

The Straits Times, 31 October 1950, Page 2

Estates of Koh Sek Lim Deceased and Koh Seh Loon Deceased