Chan Beng Loon and Ong Geok Eng

Chan Beng Loon 曾明倫

Ong Gek Eng 曾門王氏玉英

民國廿一年吉 Minguo 21 (= 1932) 
四月初十日立 Fourth moon 10th day 
顕考明倫曾公墓 Honorable Father Chan Beng Loon Tomb 
孝男 Filial Sons 
深林 Chan Chim Lim 

深德 Chan Chim Teck 

深木 Chan Chim Bock 

孝女 Daughters 

月烈 Chan Guek Liat 

月金 Chan Guek Kim 

月圓 Chan Guek Ee 


Malaya Tribune, 16 May 1932, Page 4


Chan Chim Lim 

Chan Chim Teck 

Chan Chim Bock 


Chan Guek Liat 

Chan Guek Kim 

Chan Guek Ee 

Son in law 

Chew Tiong Gan 

Mr. Chan Chim Bock, the well-known Singapore badminton player, and Miss Catherine Lim, who were married on Saturday.

Malaya Tribune, 25 October 1934, Page 20


The Straits Times, 14 February 1952, Page 7