Mrs Oh Wee Poh nee Wee Cheng Neo

Mrs Oh Wee Poh nee Wee Cheng Neo 

Madam Nonek 
Beloved mother of 
Mr Oh Boo Teck
Mr Oh Boo Tat 
Miss Lily Oh
Miss Elsie Oh 

In Loving Memory of
Madam Wee Cheng Neo 
(alias Nonek)
Beloved wife of Mr Oh Wee Poh
Born 13-5-1907
Died 7-12-1936 

Malaya Tribune, 6 May 1935, Page 10


Malaya Tribune, 8 December 1936, Page 12

SHTK Puloe Samboe 

4th daughter of Mrs Wee Keng Tiong