Singapore Businessman in Qing Costume

Photograph of Chinese and Anglo-Colonial officials standing by a commemorative Golden Jubilee statue of Queen Victoria in Government House, Singapore, 26 February 1889. The Governor of the Straits Settlement (now Singapore), Sir Cecil Clementi Smith (1840-1916) is probably standing at the far left, nearest to the statue (in morning suit, grey hair and moustache).

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GR Lambert & Co

2 from Song Ong Siang Book

Unveiling a Statue of Her Later Majesty Queen Victoria at Government House

On 26th February 1889 took place the unveiling in the Ballroom,  Government House of the statue of Her Majesty Queen Victoria by the Governor, Sir Cecil Smith in the presence of the Chinese subscribers to the Statue Fund during the Jubilee year

Lat Pau News 1 Mar 1889

Seah Liang Seah, Seah Song Seah, Tan Kim Ching, Tan Jiak Kim, Goh Sin Koh 吳進卿, Wee Kim Yam , 胡心存 (Hoo Ah Kay ’s son) Lee Cheng Yan, Tan Yong Saik, Tan Gin Hock 陳進褔, Goh Kui Po 吳葵甫, Cheang Jim Hean
Name mentioned in Chinese news Lat Pau on 1 Mar 1889 (list will keep updating)
Not mentioned in list
Khoo Cheng Teow (?)

Seah Liang Seah 

Tan Kim Ching 

Tan Jiak Kim 

Seah Song Seah

Tan Yong Saik

Wee Kim Yam

Lee Cheng Yan

Khoo Cheng Teow (?)

Cheang Jim Hean

As a teenager, he was listed in Lat Pau but last among names mentioned. He should be the little boy squatting on the left based on his sister age difference and the youngest wearing Qing attire in pic