Wee Tiam Ghee Family

Wee Tiam  Ghee (Wee Thiam Ghee) Family

Births, Marriages and Deaths
Malaya Tribune, 27 April 1926, Page 6

Madam Thng Peah Neo
53 Craig Road
Son in law Lee Seng Hock 

南洋商报, 1 February 1934, Page 5

Malaya Tribune, 5 August 1938, Page 12

Madam Koh Chin Neo (wife of the late Mr Wee Tiam Ghee) passed away peacefully at 11 am on August 4, 1938 at her residence No 315 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore. She left behind her an aged mother Madam Tan Chye Kim and her only son Wee Choon Guan to mourn her loss. Funeral will take place on Monday August 8, 1938 at 10 am and thence to Bukit Timah Cemetery 

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