Wee Keng Hoe

Wee Keng Hoe

In Loving Memory of
Wee Keng Hoe
Died 10th of Chinese First Moon 
Kwi Hai Year
25th February 1923
Aged 65 years 


Malaya Tribune., 26 February 1923 Pg 6

Wee - On February 25, Wee Keng Hoe, father of Messrs Wee Mah Cheow and Wee Mah Yam, at his residence No 34 High Street at the age of 65. Funeral on Thursday March 1, 1923 to Bukit Brown 


Malaya Tribune, 19 December 1935, Page 10

Mrs Cheong Choon Beng 

Dr Cheong Chee HAI