Mrs Low Thuan Locke

Mrs Low Thuan Locke, mother of Low Cheng Chuan and Low Cheng Geok

光緒壹拾參年嵗次丁亥桂月吉日榖旦 1887

孝男 Sons 
清泉 Low Cheng Chuan 
清鈺 Low Cheng Geok 
清焜 Low Cheng Koon 
孝孫 Grandsons 
天基 Low Thian Kee 
天林 Low Thian Lim 
天錫 Low Thian Siak 
天金 Low Thian Kim 
繫基 Low Hay Kee 


Malaya Tribune., 12 April 1920, Page 4

Low Cheng Geok 


Low Thian Kee

Low Thian Kim 

Low Cheng Chuan's eldest daughter was Low Hay Kee. She was married to Poh Cheng Tee.

From Song Ong Siang's book pg 209:

The opening meeting of a debating society for Chinese under the name of the Celestial Reasoning Association was held on the 27th May at the house of the Chinese Consul, who delivered an able address in proposing the toast of "Prosperity to the Association," inculcating the utility of that higher education which was to be gained by the working of such institutions. The objects of this society, the first of its kind among educated Chinese, were to improve the members in English and generally to encourage learning and morality.

This was the earliest instance of a literary society formed among the Chinese, and for the next 3 years it led a vigorous existence.... The first anniversary of this Society was celebrated on the 26th May 1883, and the annual report read by the Hon Secretary, Low Cheng Geok, a son of Low Thuan Locke), mentioned that the members had begun to realize the benefits of debating questions of interest among themselves, that their minds had been much expanded and improved, and their intelligence enlightened.

Both Low Cheng Geok, Cheng Chuan
And Cheng Koon are early pioneers of Celestial Reasoning Association 

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The Straits Times, 2 October 1972, Page 36

Low Thuan Locke’s mother 

Lot 188 Mukim 1 at Kg Tiong Bahru fire site 

Year of death 1874 


Tuan Kiat

Cheng Chwee 

Tuan Loke

Tuan Neng 


Tuan Chi 

Tuan Ong

Low Thuan Locke

From Song Ong Siang Book : 

ON the night of the 16th February 1869 a disastrous fire broke out on the premises of Locke, Hong Ghee & Co, Storekeepers, in Raffles Place, which resulted in the total destruction of their godowns and the office of the Straits Times and Singapore Journal of Commerce located above these godowns. On the 23rd March on information laid by Wee Ah Teng, a coolie lately employed by Locke, Hong Ghee & Co, the two partners Low Thuan Locke and Yeo Hong Ghee were arrested and charged with arson, bail being allowed in the sum of $10,000 each. The case came on for hearing on the 29th March before Mr FH Gottlieb, the sitting magistrate, when the evidence of the informant Wee Ah Teng, the only witness for the prosecution, completely broke down, and in acquitting the accused the Magistrate said:

It is a matter of most serious moment to reflect that a coolie might

at any moment come forward and endanger the liberty, and per-

haps the lives, of any of us. With reference to the defendants, I

regret extremely that such a charge has been brought by means of

such an instrument, and in discharging you I have only to say that

you leave the Court without the smallest imputation or stain on

your characters whatever.

Mr Low Thuan Locke was one of the few Straits born Chinese

of that period able to read and write English correctly and to speak it

fluently. He remained in the service of Mr Cheang Hong Lim up to the death of the latter in 1893 and died shortly after.  

One of his sons was Low Cheng Chuan, who was for many years bookkeeper to Messrs Rodyk & Davidson. Mr Cheng Chuan's elder daughter is the wife of Mr Poh Cheng Tee, an enterprising young man with good business aptitude, who has lately been a liberal supporter of Straits Chinese educational institutions.