Chee Quee Bong and Chew Kiat Neo

 Chee Quee Bong and Chew Kiat Neo 


Date on tomb 1913 Sep 7 


𢰦清  Chee Toon Cheng
清  Chee Gim Cheng
清  Chee Bee Cheng
清  Chee Bok Cheng
清  Chee Kiong Cheng 
清 Chee Soon Cheng (Chee Peck Leong)
懷枝 Chee Wye Kee married to Tan Wi Tan 
玉枝 Chee Geok Kee 
裕振 Chee Joo Chiang
振  Chee Hock Chiang
振  Chee Leong Chiang
荣振 Chee Eng Chiang
振 Chee Seng Chiang

Mrs Chee Quee Bong nee Yeo Choon Neo

In Loving Memory of
Madame Yeo Choon Neo
31st March 1932 

恭清 Chee Kiong Cheng 
順凊 Chee Soon Cheng 
廟安 Chee Beow Ann 
水漳 Chee Chwee Chiang 
銀娘 Chee Gin Neo 

Chee Quee Bong is a big land owner as well as manager of the Opium Farm Chop Sin Chin Ho Bee, based in Singapore addres 80 to 83 Cecil Street (1906). His partners include Khaw Joo Chee, Khoo Hun Yeang, Cheah Teow Eang, Tan Kheam Hock, J W Cashin

Chee Swee Cheng partnered with Chee Quee Bong, together with J W Cashin, Khoo Han Yean and Cheah Teow Eang to launch out enterprise after enterprise in British North Borneo and Labuan.

The Opium Farm Reorganished. Sept 26.
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Partners of the Opium and Spirit Farm of Johore 1906 
Khaw Joo Choe
Chee Quee Bong
Cheah Teow Eang 
Tan Kheam Hock
Lim Ah Seang 
Chee Guan Chee

The Directory & Chronicle of China, Japan, Straits Settlements, Malaya ... for the year 1906

Chop Sin Chin Ho Bee, 80 to 83 Cecil Street

Page 3 Advertisements Column 2
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PIONEER WORK IN B.N.B. and Labuan of Mr. Chee Swee Cheng
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Chee Quee Bong’s son Chee Bee Cheng is also buried in Bukit Brown