Chee Koon Chiang

Chee Koon Chiang 

Wife : Lee Ai 
Son:  Chee Eng Seah

The Final Prayers

Malaya Tribune, 11 August 1949, Page 3


The Straits Times, 12 August 1949, Page 4

Mdm Lee Lai was wife of Chee Koon Chiang. 

Address  of Fook Sow Ee Yuen is at 35 Sago Lane 

Chop Fook Sow Ee Yuen is 福壽醫院

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南洋商报, 7 April 1936, Page 18

Note of thanks published in Nanyang Siang Pao on 7 Apr 1936 to Dr Cheong Chee Hai who was asked by 福壽醫院 Chop Fook Sow Ee Yuen to treat the baby who just turned 1 month old 

Later this hospital became 福壽養病所 something like a hospice where the dying spent their last days and finally an undertaker 福壽殯儀館

National Archives picture PCD0214 - 089 dated 1951

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南洋商报, 2 July 1955, Page 4

Chee Eng Seah mentioned in the notice was the son of Chee Koon Chiang and Lee Lai 

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南洋商报, 1 July 1955, Page 6

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南洋商报, 12 December 1948, Page 4

Kwok Mun Sick Receiving House is at 25 and 27 Sago Lane 

南洋商报, 3 March 1969, Page 7

Tong Fook Sow is at 28 Sago Lane